Winter travel advice for Aberdeen

Aberdeen can be a wonderful place to visit in winter. If there is snow, the landscape is a beautiful sight to behold. Plus, you can enjoy walks, visits to castles, skiing, and much more. There are also plenty of fantastic options for accommodation too. We recommend you check with us and explore our winter lodges offers in Aberdeen. You could book a comfortable private lodge for your trip, complete with a hot tub for ultimate relaxation.

Winter lodges offers Aberdeen

The weather

One thing to think about here though is the weather. The winter in Aberdeen and Scotland in general can be very cold. January is the coldest month of the year with an average temperature of just 3.9 degrees Celsius. However, the humidity can make it feel even colder. It can be quite rainy too, with storms becoming more frequent. There can be snow throughout the season too, sometimes into March and April.

The thing to keep in mind is the impact the weather can have on travelling. It is important to be ready for the conditions, including snow, ice, and rain. Things can change quickly, so preparation is vital.


If you are driving in and around Aberdeen in winter there are some crucial things to note. Firstly, plan your journey and make sure you allow more time than usual. Make sure you check for travel and weather warnings before you set off. They will give you better information about conditions and potential road closures.

The most crucial thing is to think about safety. Visibility can become an issue, especially because days are much shorter and the weather can get severe. So, drivers should use their lights as much as possible. Driving carefully, slowing down and avoiding sudden braking is crucial if it is wet or icy.


Many people love to visit Scotland to cycle through the beautiful countryside. There are fewer cyclists in winter because of the conditions, but some people still brave it. If you do, make sure you consider the conditions. Take extra precautions to ensure you are warm and visible to other road users. Ideally as well you should cycle on main roads because they are the most likely to have been gritted. It may even be necessary to use spiked tyres to give you more grip.


Scotland is a beautiful place for walking. If you are taking any walks in winter though, make sure you have warm clothes and suitable footwear. Check to make sure paths will have been gritted too.

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