Why stay in the UK for your summer holiday?

There are countless stunning destinations all around the world. That means we are spoilt for choice when it comes to planning holidays. Some people can’t wait to book and hop on a plane. However, there is plenty here in the UK, especially for a summer holiday. We want to have a look at some of the main reasons to do just that. Then, if you want to book holiday lodges in Aberdeen for your trip, you can find great deals at Silverwood Resort.

Holiday lodges Aberdeen

Explore the countryside

Most of us forget just how beautiful parts of the UK are. This is especially true when you consider the countryside. There are incredible landscapes to see everywhere, including in Scotland, Wales, England, and Ireland. Few places in the world are as diverse. So, why not have a holiday here and explore it? You can go for walks, enjoy beautiful local pubs, and more. There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy too.

Go to the coast

The coastlines of the UK are just as diverse as the countryside. You can find everything from quiet beaches to busy bays and harbours. There are also plenty of historic spots too. Scotland has some fantastic ones if you choose holiday lodges in Aberdeen.

Easier planning

A crucial thing about going on holiday abroad is you need to make sure you have everything you need. This includes your passport, boarding passes, and travel insurance. You then need to make sure you keep all documents safe during your trip. There is no need to think about any of that in the UK. It makes planning and actually travelling much easier.

Save the travelling time

One of the main reasons to stay in the UK is you save on the amount of time you spend getting to your destination. It is always quite sad to lose part of a holiday sitting in airports, getting transfers, and flying. So, why not use that time to enjoy more of your break? You can drive to most destinations in the UK, including some stops for sightseeing on the way. As a result, it is a more productive use of your time.

Travelling with children

Finally, staying in the UK is much easier for families. It can be a massive undertaking to go abroad with children, especially when they are younger. You need to pack more things and can end up massively outnumbered by bags. It is easier to have a staycation. Plus, you can take more with you; pack everything you need into the car without having to worry about baggage weight limits or fees.

Book your stay at stunning holiday lodges in Aberdeen

Scotland has plenty to offer for any kind of summer holiday. As a result, it is a great spot for a staycation. If you are considering it, have a look at the incredible lodges at Silverwood Resort. They are the ideal choice for any kind of trip because you get a comfortable base with plenty of amenities.

Learn more about our holiday lodges in Aberdeen on our website. You can see exactly what they have to offer, including the different styles. Then, you can book online if you want or you can contact us.