Why should you visit Scotland in winter?

Scotland is a beautiful place to visit all year round, but it is extra special in winter. Whether you want to explore snowy landscapes or enjoy special events, there is plenty to do. Or, you can unwind in a private lodge and escape the hustle and bustle. Whatever you choose, you might want to have a look at Silverwood Resort. We have some of the most impressive winter lodges offers in Glasgow.

Winter lodges offers Glasgow

If you do need some more convincing, the following are some of the best reasons to see Scotland in the winter.

Fairytale castles

Castle lovers are spoilt for choice in Scotland. There are plenty to choose from, including Edinburgh, Stirling, Dunrobin, and Balmoral. You can visit ones that are still occupied or ruins of former seats of power. They look even more incredible in the winter if there has been snow. However, always make sure they will be open when you plan to visit; some close for much of the season.


There is a fantastic sporting history in Scotland. The country is responsible for innovations in everything from rugby to golf. It is also home to the Highland Games. If you visit in winter, you can enjoy various seasonal sports. This includes things like curling, skiing, and snowboarding. There are even opportunities to go dog sledding.


Another thing that looks more incredible in the winter if there is snow is the Scottish landscape. Whether it is mountains, forests, or the lochs, everything looks beautiful. You can go for walks and enjoy unspoilt snow. There will be plenty of chances to get incredible pictures too.


Scotland is a dream destination for many wildlife fans. There are tens of thousands of species here, including birds, deer, wildcats, seals, and even dolphins. Winter is a great time to see animals looking majestic with a snowy backdrop. You may even have a chance to see rare animals like the Arctic Hare. Again you will have plenty of photo opportunities.

The Northern Lights

When you imagine going to see the Northern Lights, you probably picture a trip to Iceland or Norway. However, there are parts of Scotland, particularly further north, where you can see them too. The prime spots are locations away from city lights. Long winter nights give you the best chances to see them.


The Scots have a reputation for being excellent at celebrating. In winter you can get the best chance to experience this for yourself. There are plenty of incredible events to celebrate, including Christmas, Hogmanay (New Year), and Burn’s Night.

Explore winter lodges offers in Glasgow

Silverwood Resort knows how much Scotland has to offer in winter. We are happy to welcome guests throughout the season so they can experience it all. Our lodges are comfortable, spacious, and have everything a guest could need. The location is great too, with quiet countryside all around but easy access to local towns, cities, and attractions.

So, browse today to see our winter lodges offers in Glasgow. The city is just 70 miles away, easily accessible to drivers. You can also contact us directly if you need any advice.