What to do if you’re snowed in your lodge?

It can be really great to escape to a holiday lodge in the winter and enjoy some quiet time. But, what should you do if you book a trip and then it snows and ruins your plans to go and see the sights? We want to look at some of the things you can do to make the most of this time. Then, if you want to browse for winter lodges offers in Edinburgh, you should have a look at Silverwood Resort.

Winter lodges offers Edinburgh

Go out in it

While it may be too snowy or icy to go driving or seeing sights, you can still head outside if you want to. Why not bundle up in warm clothes and go for a brisk walk? The countryside can look even more beautiful in the snow and you might see some rare wildlife. Just remember to check the weather to make sure there isn’t a blizzard on the way.

You could also have fun building a snowman, making snow angels, or even having a snowball fight. Sledding is a good idea too if you have some slopes nearby that you could zip down. Again just remember to bundle up against the cold.

Stay inside in the warmth

Another good option is to simply stay in your lodge where it is warm and cosy. You could turn the fire on and just relax. Why not read or watch a movie? Or you could even play games, whether it is cards, a board game, or something classical like charades or Pictionary.

Get in the tub

One thing we can learn from the Scandinavians is that a great way to beat the chill is to jump in the sauna or hot tub. It can be really good for getting rid of aches and pains, sniffles, and boosts circulation. You can do just that if you choose winter lodges offers in Edinburgh at Silverwood Resort. We have lodges with hot tubs, including nine family size lodges and four romantic hideaway ones. We also have six spa lodges; while they don’t have a hot tub, they do have luxurious spa baths. In addition, we recently opened a sauna on the site.


Holiday lodges can have everything you need to make whatever you want. Why not take the chance while you’re snowed in to try making some new deserts or something like a comforting soup or stew? They will be the perfect way to fight off the cold.

Do a workout

Just because it’s cold and snowy outside doesn’t mean you can’t do anything energetic. You could try doing bodyweight exercises in your cabin instead or try something like yoga. Some resorts like Silverwood may even have a gym onsite for you to use.

Find winter lodges offers in Edinburgh

Silverwood Estate is in a stunning location in the Scottish countryside. Our luxury lodges are the perfect place to escape to in the winter. They are comfortable and cosy, with everything you need to enjoy your stay. If it snows, there is plenty to do in your lodge or you can enjoy the local countryside. Plus, we have some great amenities on the site.

So, if you are thinking about a trip and want to browse for winter lodges offers in Edinburgh, have a look at our website. You can also contact us if you have questions or special requirements.