Visit Scotland in winter and enjoy some incredible benefits

The busy tourist season for Scotland is typically from April to October. It is when the weather is the best, with warmer longer days. However, you don’t have to limit your visits to this period. In fact, if you choose to visit in winter you can enjoy some really incredible benefits. We want to have a look at them here, then you can browse our winter lodges offers in Glasgow for amazing deals.

Winter lodges offers Glasgow

Avoid the hustle and bustle

If you don’t enjoy crowds and prefer a more sedate pace, winter is a great time to visit Scotland. There won’t be as many tourists and it will generally be quieter. If you go on a countryside walk, you may even find you have the landscape to yourself.

With fewer tourists, you will also have a better chance to meet locals. Visit a local pub or restaurant and have a chat to learn more about the culture.

Enjoy beautiful skies

Winter in Scotland brings very short days. In December the sunset can be before 4pm. That means you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy starry night-time skies. The best thing to do if you enjoy stargazing is head to a rural spot where there won’t be lights to spoil the views. Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park is one of the best locations in the world for this.

Relax and unwind

Visiting Scotland in winter is perfect if you want to enjoy a slower pace of life and some time to relax. You can do all kinds of activities, but the weather and short days make it just as nice to wrap up warm and stay by the fire. Try a long, lazy dinner and just enjoy where the evening takes you.

Experience stunning accommodation

Visiting anywhere in the off season is a great way to make your money go further. Typically the price of accommodation will go down, whether you want a holiday lodge, a castle retreat, or a luxury hotel. Scotland is no different. So, have a look at what you could get for your money if you visit in winter.

Have a look at our winter lodges offers in Glasgow

Silverwood Resort is the perfect base for a trip to Scotland, especially in winter. Many people have concerns about the cold weather, but our lovely lodges will ensure you are warm and comfortable. You can even choose ones with hot tubs. It can be wonderful to sit in one and be warm while you look out at a wintry countryside.

If you want to plan a visit, start by looking at our winter lodges offers in Glasgow. You can get luxury accommodation for a great price then start planning what you want to do on your trip.