Top tips to improve holiday lodges

There are thousands of holiday lodges in various locations all across the UK. They’ve become incredibly popular, especially in the years after covid and more people choosing staycations. If you decide to get involved, whether it is to buy as a holiday home or to let out, you should have a look at our tips on how to improve them. They can ensure you and any guests have a better experience. Then, if you want to learn more about our incredible holiday lodges in Glasgow, you can browse or speak to us.

Holiday lodges Glasgow

Home away from home

The top tip, no matter your goal, is to make every holiday lodge comfortable so it feels like a home. There are a number of things you can do here. An easy one that some people forget is to provide as many things as you can so they are there ready for visitors. Think appliances and home comforts. Don’t forget kitchen utensils and towels. Plus, include books and games so it feels more homely.


How well you keep on top of maintaining the lodge is very important too. It can ensure visitors have a really good time every time. Plus, it can make your investment go further.

There are some crucial things to focus on here. Firstly, keep an eye on furnishings, including the beds. Make sure they don’t start to look old and worn out. Check appliances regularly, ensuring they are clean and work properly. Monitor wear and tear, especially on floors, walls, doors, and windows. If you do let the lodge out, weekly refreshes are a great idea.

Great beds

Being able to get a good night’s sleep can make or break any time away, whether it is holiday lodges in Glasgow or any other type of accommodation. Even if it is somewhere luxurious, if the bed isn’t comfortable you probably won’t want to do it again. It could be the main memory that sticks with you.

To avoid that, always make sure that beds in holiday lodges are comfortable. Ideally, if you have the space, you could go for king size beds. Whichever size you do go with though, make sure the mattresses are high quality. Then, add a mattress topper, good pillows, and a great duvet. Finish off with nice linen and bedding.

A warm welcome

One thing guests love to see when they arrive at their accommodation is a welcome pack. It can be a wonderful sight, especially after a long journey. You should provide one, ensuring it has useful information about the lodge (including the Wi-Fi password), the area, and more. Including some treats can be fantastic too.

Learn about our stunning holiday lodges in Glasgow

Silverwood Resort has some of Scotland’s best lodges. Each one is stunning, combining comfort with modern designs and great amenities. The site is excellent too, including a bar and restaurant, sauna, gym, private grounds, and more.

The great thing here is you can book a stay with us or buy your own lodge. You can even stay with an eye on investing. If you do that, we can deduct the cost of your trip from the price of a lodge. In this situation you are literally getting to try before you buy.

If you want to find out more about our holiday lodges in Glasgow, you can browse our website or contact us. There is lots of information and we’re always happy to answer questions.