Think about activities

One of the main reasons to hire a holiday lodge is it gives you more freedom when it comes to activities. You can venture out and do all kinds of things. Or, you can bring whatever you like with you to enjoy your stay. We want to have a closer look at this today. Then, if you want to learn more about the finest holiday lodges in Dundee, you can browse our website or contact us.

Holiday lodges Dundee

What would you like to do?

A lot of people decide to stay at a lodge because they want to relax and unwind. If that is you, you’ll likely be focusing on activities you can do inside or close to the lodge. There are almost no limits here; it all just depends on what is in your lodge and what you want to bring with you. Typically you will have plenty of space to do whatever you like, from crafting to cooking, reading to playing games or watching movies.

Silverwood Resort is a really great option if you do want some relaxation time. We have lodges with hot tubs as well as a selection with spa baths. There is a also new sauna and gym on the site.

If you would rather venture out and do different things, you should check what is in the local area. Dundee, Errol, Perth, and Kinross have a lot to offer. There are great routes for walking and cycling, castles, museums, leisure centres, wildlife centres, and more. In addition, you could go karting, try laser combat, go climbing, or enjoy some watersports.

The best thing to do is to plan your itinerary. Start by checking what is open during your trip; things can vary massively depending on the time of year. If things are open, check if you need to book in advance. You can then decide what to do each day.


As we said above, a great thing about staying in a holiday lodge is you can bring whatever you like with you. To ensure you get the most from your activities, make sure you think about what you need. Will you require warm outdoor clothes or waterproofs? What about swimwear? Always pack comfortable footwear too, especially if you plan on exploring or hiking.

Explore the best holiday lodges in Dundee

Silverwood Resort is perfect for all kinds of trips. There is plenty to do on site, in your lodge, and in the nearby area. So, you can enjoy a short break or a longer stay. You even have the option to buy a lodge if you fall in love with the location.

If you want to find out more, browse our website. You can book online or contact us if you need any help or have queries. We are confident you’ll have the best time and see that we have the most amazing holiday lodges in Dundee.