The top things to consider when you choose holiday lodges

Everyone has different needs when it comes to booking accommodation. Some focus on the most cost effective options. Others want luxury and the best amenities. While hotels are still the dominant choice in most parts of the world, there are great alternatives. This includes lodges, cabins, glamping, and more. It is always worth considering them; you could have a much better experience. If you want holiday lodges in Aberdeen, Silverwood Resort is a great choice.

Holiday lodges Aberdeen

Before you commit to lodges or other types of accommodation though, you need to think about some crucial things. Let’s have a look at the four most important ones.


Firstly, you need to look at where the accommodation is. If you are travelling to a big city centre, there will be more options. However, you will likely find the majority are hotels, hostels, and B&Bs. Lodges tend to be in more rural spots. This can mean they are quieter and you get nicer surroundings. However, you may need to travel a little further if you want to get to them and see the sights.


Secondly, you must look at the accessibility. Again you generally have more choice in city centres. However, there can be problems with access and parking. It is often easier with holiday lodges because of the locations. Just make sure everything will be accessible if you drive or need things like wheelchair access. The latter can limit your options.


The most important thing for many people is amenities. Luxury hotels can offer a massive selection of things, including restaurants, gyms, pools, and more. Others will be budget friendly and won’t have anything additional. Holiday lodges can be a really wonderful option if you want extras. For example, at Silverwood Resort you can choose a private lodge with a hot tub. These are the most comfortable and luxurious holiday lodges in Aberdeen. We also have our own brand new leisure facilities, including a gym and sauna, complete with beautiful scenic views.


Finally, many choices will boil down to how much people want to spend. Luxury hotels in cities usually command higher prices. Comparatively, holiday lodges can make your money go further and give you much more for it. It can be surprisingly affordable for the level of comfort and stunning amenities, especially at Silverwood Resort. You can even choose special offers and deals.

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If you are planning a romantic, relaxing trip, the stunning Errol countryside and beautiful lodges at Silverwood are definitely worth considering. Aberdeen is around a 90 minute drive away. So, you can easily spend a day enjoying the city and then escape to your private lodge.

You can find out more about the lodges, amenities, and more on our website. Plus, you can contact us if you have any questions or requests. Coming to us directly will get you the best deals for holiday lodges in Aberdeen too.