The best reasons to stay in a lodge this winter

Some people really love winter, but others will do everything they can to avoid it. This can even involve going on holiday somewhere tropical. However, you could have a warm, cosy, relaxing adventure by booking a lodge in Scotland instead. We want to look at some of the best reasons to do just that below. Then, if you want the best winter lodges offers in Aberdeen, you can book with Silverwood Resort.

Winter lodges offers Aberdeen

Quality time together

Easily the best thing about booking a lodge is you have your own private space with absolutely everything you need. So, you can spend all the quality time together relaxing. Most importantly, you are in beautiful winter countryside so you can just unplug and unwind. Silverwood’s Hideaway Lodges are perfect for 2-4 people. Or, you can choose a Family Lodge to sleep up to 6.

Take things slow

Winter can be an incredibly busy time because of Christmas and the New Year. You might feel like you’re rushing around for most of it trying to take care of everything. Things can quickly pile up as well when the weather is bad. So, why not get away from it all and spend some time in your own lodge?

Some peace and quiet

Busy winter periods are often noisy too because of family and friends. Your whole street might become incredibly busy with so many people coming and going. Why not have a break from all the noise and enjoy the peace and quiet of the Scottish countryside? Your lodge will be a private tranquil space for you. Plus, you can go for quiet walks where there won’t be a huge number of tourists.

Create incredible memories

Spending some time this winter in a lodge is a great way to make life long memories. Whether you want to be alone with a significant other or your family, you will have time together with no distractions. You can play games, cook, and do whatever else you fancy. It could even become an annual tradition.


A lot of us slow down in winter because it is colder and days are shorter. You might simply find you don’t have the energy to do as much as you do at other times of the year. It can make it hard to get back up to speed after New Year. A stay in a lodge could be the perfect way to re-energise. At Silverwood you can even choose lodges with hot tubs to help with it.

Find winter lodges offers in Aberdeen

Silverwood Resort has stunning lodges in an incredible location. We are just outside Errol, between Perth and Dundee. Aberdeen is less than a two hour drive away. It is a quiet area with beautiful scenery.

If you want to browse the latest winter lodges offers in Aberdeen, have a look here. You can then book online or contact us if you have any questions.