Some of the best ideas for winter wedding themes

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Winter wedding offers Aberdeen

One thing we love about weddings is helping people decide on their theme. It should be something that fits you and works with everything from outfits to decor. There are some really amazing things you can do for a winter wedding to make it the best day of your life.

Winter wonderland

Easily the most popular theme for weddings in winter is a white wonderland. You can make everything look pristine and timeless. Scotland is the ideal setting if you have this kind of theme in mind because real snow is always a possibility to help make the backdrop even more stunning. Or you could opt for fake snow as well as white flowers and other details.

Passionate red

If white isn’t your thing, red can be another outstanding option for a winter wedding. It is the colour of romance, passion, and love. It is warm and stands out against all kinds of backdrops. There is plenty you can do here to get splashes or red everywhere, including flowers, fruits, and more. Your statement pieces will make an incredible impression with reds.


Flowers can be a wonderful part of every kind of wedding, but they aren’t the only option. A stunning alternative is to use trees. They can make a fantastic impression, and are a nice nod to the Christmas period. You could even have small trees as centrepieces on tables. They look and smell great, and you can even decorate them if you want. They can be memorable gifts after the wedding too.


Another thing you can do is use candles. They are intimate, warming, and romantic, especially with a winter backdrop. They will look perfect on tables or even lining the aisle for the ceremony.


Winter isn’t a very colourful season with most plants and flowers waiting until spring to bloom. However, you can do a number of things with your floral choices to get colours into your wedding theme. A great idea is to choose wildflowers for their rustic look. You could even go for dried ones and give them as gifts.

Look for winter wedding offers in Aberdeen

Above are just a few of the stunning ideas you can consider for a winter wedding. While it may be colder and having parts of the ceremony outside may not be viable, this is still a stunning time of year for weddings. It can really bring people together to get away from the cold and ensure a real sense of togetherness and closeness.

If you are thinking about your plans, you could start by looking at our winter wedding offers in Aberdeen. Silverwood Resort is a beautiful venue in a picturesque location. We even have our own loch. The barn is rustic and works perfectly with winter themes.

So, learn more about offers on our website or get in touch and start discussing your plans with us.