Letting your lodge out the right way

Sometimes, you need time to switch off and enjoy life. One of the best places to do that is at Silverwood Resort. We have the greatest holiday lodges in Perth, Scotland and some fantastic on site amenities. Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway, or to purchase your very own holiday home, we can help.

Holiday lodges Perth

One detail that makes us stand out is that, if you decide to buy a lodge here, we provide access to our letting scheme. This is very useful when you’re looking to let your lodge out to other people. It’s not something you will want to dive straight into though. Firstly, you need to know what you are doing. We have some tips to share that will help you in getting started.

Friends as guests

To start with, have your friends act as guests. You can get them to stay as a trial run. After this, you can then start letting for real. It will aid you in tackling potential problems and dealing with things you might have overlooked. With an honest appraisal of the experience from your friends, you will be able to reassure yourself you’ve got something good going on here.

Communication is key

Think about every point of contact you have with your guests. This includes deciding what you’ll include in a welcome pack as well as tackling customer feedback. If your visitors are clear and reassured on what to expect throughout their stay, they will have an easier time relaxing. Even better, you are more likely to get positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Know your responsibilities

You have a legal duty to care for your guests. Ensure you use honest advertising, including clear and recent images. Make signage clear. Have information about using appliances and facilities safely available. Pay particular attention to what you tell your guests between booking and arrival so they know what they need to.

A good idea is to do a formal risk assessment because it can pinpoint possible hazards in and around the lodge. Look at fuel, water, and gas systems. In your assessment, include measures to handle problems if they pop up. Talk to us if you’re interested in the best holiday lodges in Perth.

Safety first

You also need to ensure that everyone is safe too. This is something that should naturally flow from your risk assessment. Have clear instructions for guests about using facilities and operating appliances of your lodge. See to it that fire safety is something you property consider. With carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, ensure they are in good working order.

Know your guests

Consider who will be staying, animals included. With some additional touches, it is possible to make a lodge pet and child friendly. This will go quite the way to broaden the appeal. As a result, it’ll be more likely that you have a healthy number of bookings.


Finally, you should clean everything from top to bottom. The biggest complaint from holidaymakers would be cleanliness, or the lack of it. If you’re coming back to your lodge from a long absence, your first priority should be a spring clean. Furthermore, you should allow for enough time to do an extensive clean between guests. Think about pest control too; bugs can be an annoyance and may even cause health hazards.

Come to us and explore holiday lodges in Perth

At Silverwood Resort, we have a bespoke collection of luxury lodges. They’ve all been hand-crafted with an emphasis on style and comfort. You will have a home away from home where you can de-stress from daily life. We also have a new development of lodges available to buy. They can be a great investment that you can enjoy and let out with our help when you aren’t using them.

So, if you’d like to try the most impressive lodges in Perth, please get in touch. You can even try a stay and then buy afterwards if you like.