Is a winter wedding perfect for you?

Whether you’re hoping for a snowy backdrop for your photos or just love this time of year, getting married in winter is a great idea. There are a number of surprising advantages too. We want to look at them here, then if you are searching for winter wedding offers in Aberdeen, we have some special ones for you at Silverwood Resort.

Winter wedding offers Aberdeen

Less stress

The funny thing is there is usually more stress about the weather in summer. People can plan for the sun and expect to have different parts of the day outside. However, rain and wind could spoil everything. You are less likely to plan for anything to be outside in the winter other than photos because it will be colder. So, there will be less stress about what could happen.


We all complain about the weather in the UK, but generally it isn’t the rain that causes the biggest trouble. That culprit is usually the humidity. It can make a warm day incredibly uncomfortable, especially when it is a wedding. More importantly, it can spoil hair and makeup. If you choose a winter wedding, you won’t need to worry.

More options for your budget

Venues tend to charge more for summer weddings because it is the most popular time of the year. They can get fully booked quickly. You can save by opting to get married in the colder months instead. In fact, choose winter wedding deals in Aberdeen and your budget could go much further. Generally you will get a better choice of dates too as there won’t be as much competition.

An additional benefit here is winter can give you more flexibility when it comes to planning and logistics. Because summer is so busy, you may only have a small window to set up your wedding. There may be one the day before and another the day after, meaning you need to rush around. That is less likely in winter, and you may be able to set up earlier and break down later with no pressure from the venue to prep for the next event.

Travel and accommodation

Winter weddings can also be nicer financially on your guests. We all know that travel and accommodation costs are the highest in summer. If you get married in winter they can save and will likely have an easier time booking everything.

Wedding fatigue

Summer and even parts of spring and autumn can be very busy for weddings. In fact, you may find you have several to attend in the same year. Planning yours for winter means your guests are less likely to be suffering fatigue from attending other ones. So, they can give their all to enjoying yours.

Find winter wedding offers in Aberdeen

Silverwood Resort is a wonderful place to have your wedding. Our beautiful rustic barn can seat up to 200 guests. You get exclusive use and can plan all the details to get a unique package. Plus, we have lodges on site perfect for guests to stay in.

You can learn more about the venue, packages, and more on our website. We also recommend you contact us if you want to find the best winter wedding offers in Aberdeen.