Is a holiday lodge the most romantic choice for a break?

The busy day to day grind can make it hard for all kinds of relationships. Whether it is a spouse, partner, or something newer, it can be really good to get some time away together. There are lots of options here, including a beach holiday or a city break. Arguably the most romantic choice though is a holiday lodge. It can be your private oasis for just the two of you. You can find stunning holiday lodges in Perth at Silverwood Resort. Before searching, read on to find out why this is the best option for couples.

Holiday lodges Perth


With most other types of accommodation, there will be some other guests to interact with, no matter how briefly. If your idea is to escape to spend a few days alone, a holiday lodge is exactly what you need. You’ll have the utmost privacy because your lodge is separate and self-contained. So, there shouldn’t be anything to interfere with your quality time.


Lodges are also unbeatable when you compare the amount of space you get. Hotel rooms and suites can’t compare. With a lodge you can get a full kitchen, dining space, a lounge area, and more. As a result, there are multiple areas for you to spend time together doing what you love.

No distractions

Holiday lodges are typically in beautiful countryside settings. They can be the ideal locations for romantic time together because there won’t be any distractions. You can enjoy quiet, picturesque surroundings rather than having the bustle of a town or city. Go for a hike, enjoy a picnic, or sit and watch the sun set and stars come out. The seclusion can really show that the relationship is the more important thing.

Get the aprons out

Relationships are all about working together. There are few better ways to show this than making meals yourself. You can do just that in a holiday lodge. It can be a great way to spend some quality time, and you get to enjoy the results at the end.


Finally, you can enjoy the amenities. Some lodges have great things like hot tubs or Jacuzzi baths. You can get close and enjoy a relaxing soak. It can make all the stress of the world melt away and let you just enjoy being relaxed together.

Book incredible holiday lodges in Perth

There are some really fantastic locations in Scotland if you want a romantic break. Perth is a particularly good choice. The city itself is attractive and home to many cultural and historical attractions. The backdrop is great too, with beautiful hills, mountains, and countryside.

Silverwood Resort is just a short distance from the city in quaint Errol. It is a lovely setting with plenty of greenery and our own loch. The lodges are luxurious, with everything guests need to spend time together. The hideaway ones are especially good for privacy.

So, if you want to learn more about these romantic holiday lodges in Perth, browse our website or speak to us. You can find the best deals on our site too.