How to make your time in a holiday lodge as cosy as possible?

Some people like holidays where they can get out and about to explore everything in an area. Others prefer a more sedate, relaxing break. If you want the latter, cosy accommodation is ideal. It will make you want to slow down and enjoy your time. One of the best options is to choose a lodge. We want to take a closer look at why they are so good and how you can make your stay even cosier. Then, if you want to book a break at the most incredible holiday lodges in Aberdeen, you can speak to us.

Holiday lodges Aberdeen

Home away from home

Easily the best thing about a holiday lodge is it feels like a home. Sometimes it can be hard to feel truly comfortable when all you have is a room in a hotel. It is even harder with things like hostels if you are sharing with people you don’t know. If you book a lodge, you get everything you need. More importantly, you have the whole thing to yourself. So, there won’t be any concerns about who you might see on your way to the bathroom or who is taking up space in the kitchen.

Take whatever you like

Because it is a home away from home, you can take whatever you like to a lodge. As long as you can pack it safely into a vehicle, you are good to go. So, bring any comforts you like, from blankets to pillows, your favourite candles, and more. If there are children, you can pack their favourite toys and other things to keep them happy and occupied.

Some holiday lodges are also pet friendly. That means you can take furry friends on the trip with you. It can really make it feel cosier having them with you.


Leading on from bringing whatever you want, whether you choose holiday lodges in Aberdeen or anywhere else in the world, it really helps to unpack. Nobody likes living out of a suitcase; it feels too temporary. It can really feel like you are at home if you take the time to unpack and put things away.

Stocking up

Holiday lodges typically have a full kitchen for you to use. If you want to focus on getting cosy, you should bring supplies with you. That way you don’t need to worry about finding a supermarket. Plus, you can ensure you have your favourite snacks, drinks, and more rather than potentially having to find alternatives.

Enjoy the amenities

Some lodges have additional private amenities you are unlikely to find in other types of accommodation. This can include things like hot tubs or spa baths. A dip can make everyone feel cosy, so make sure you take the time to enjoy them.

Book stunning holiday lodges in Aberdeen

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So, have a look at our website and see why we think we have the finest holiday lodges in Aberdeen. Then, if you have any questions you can contact us. You can book via the website too.