Fishing holidays in Scotland

People have been enjoying fishing for thousands of years, firstly as a method of survival then as a hobby and sport. The UK is a fantastic location for anyone who loves to fish. Scotland in particular has some of the best spots in the world, especially for salmon. We want to take a closer look today to see why it is a wonderful spot for a fishing holiday. Then, if you want to book holiday lodges in Dundee for your trip, you can have a look at Silverwood Resort.

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All kinds of fishing

The best thing about fishing in Scotland is the amount of choice. There are lots of rivers and lochs if you want to fish in fresh water. Or, you can head to the coast or hop on a boat and fish in the sea. From remote scenic locations to busy popular spots, you can select the ideal location for you.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind though. Firstly, while you may not need a license to fish with a rod, you do need to get permission to fish on rivers and lochs. It is best to speak to the landowner or angling club. They can advise you. Typically you will need to pay for a permit. It is free to fish in the sea though!

Secondly, you should think about the seasons. Typically, fishing season in Scotland is from February to October, giving people plenty of options for holidays. However, it differs by species of fish. It is best to check the dates for each species and the particular area. You should also note that there can be rules like catch and release (mandatory until 1st April or 1st May in Esk).

Where to go?

As we said above, there is plenty of choice in Scotland for fishing holidays. You may want to look for holiday lodges in Dundee though if you want to be near a great spot. It will put you close to the River Tay, the longest in the country. It is one of the most popular rivers for salmon, with a long season and a reputation as a big fish river. In addition, there is easy access to the sea or you can visit local lochs.

If you prefer a more remote area for a quiet and relaxing fishing holiday in beautiful countryside, head to the Scottish Highlands. The River Spey is a fantastic spot. Or there are numerous lochs worth visiting, including Loch Watten, Loch Maree and Loch Shin.

What you may want to do is think about what type of fish you want to catch and then decide on the best spots. If you want salmon, there are over 400 options! Also, consider how the location will impact the size. Remote spots tend to have smaller fish.

It is also a good idea to think about local amenities. Some spots have a thriving fishing industry so you can easily find bait and equipment shops, tours, and more. Others have fewer options and you will need to take more things with you.

Booking holiday lodges in Dundee

If you like the idea of Dundee for a fishing holiday, as so many people do, Silverwood Resort is a great choice. We are just to the east, on the way to Perth. The River Tay is nearby. We have stunning lodges with plenty of space for you to bring your gear. You can even choose ones with hot tubs or spa baths to help unwind after a long day out.

You can find out more about us and out holiday lodges in Dundee on our website. Or, you can contact us if you need any help and advice. We’d love to welcome you for your trip.