Finding your dream wedding venue

The venue is one of the most important parts of your wedding. It is the stage for the whole event and can have an impact on everything from the guest list to the theme. There are a number of crucial things to think about when you are looking for your dream venue. We want to have a look at them here, then you can search with us if you want to see our special winter wedding offers in Glasgow.

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It is likely you will be spending the largest chunk of your wedding budget on the venue. What you need to look at here is what will work for you, ensuring you have enough money left for everything else. You should also have a look at what is included for the price; some venues charge extra for various things while others will supply it all for one fee.

A good tip is to look at off-season dates if you want to save. Most venues will be busier and more expensive in summer. Winter will likely give you the best savings.

The theme

As we said above, the venue is the stage for your wedding. So, you need to keep your theme in mind. Sometimes venues and themes don’t match very well. For example, you might fall in love with a luxury hotel but favour a rustic wedding. The best piece of advice here is to choose a venue that coincides with your theme and keep it cohesive. If you do love rustic, you should check out Silverwood’s venue and our winter wedding offers in Glasgow.


You also need to think about your guest list. Some weddings are huge events with hundreds of guests. Others are more personal. You should look at the capacity of the venues to ensure you won’t be overcrowding or leaving too much empty space.


It is also important to look at how private each venue is. Some will host different events at the same time or may have things like bars that are open to the public. If you want privacy, you should select a venue where you will be the sole event.


There are a number of crucial things to consider in terms of where the venue is. How accessible will it be for guests as well as vendors? Is there enough parking? Is there enough accommodation in the area? Consider all of these things to make sure you choose a venue in a suitable location.

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All of the things above should help you narrow down your choice of venues. The most important thing to remember though is to choose a venue that matches your vision for the day. Take the time to talk to the owner or wedding coordinator too. That can ensure everything will be a good fit.

If you are looking for venues in Scotland, Silverwood Resort is a great choice. Our rustic barn is lovely and we have some fantastic amenities, including lodges for guests. Plus, if you are looking for winter wedding offers in Glasgow, we can make your budget go further. Contact us today to learn more.