Don’t make these winter wedding mistakes

There are plenty of good reasons to plan your wedding for the winter. It can be cheaper, give more flexibility with dates, and provide a beautiful snowy backdrop. However, there are avoidable mistakes you need to think about. If you consider them in advance, the day will be much better. We want to have a look at them here, then you can browse for winter wedding offers in Glasgow if you want to consider Silverwood Resort as your venue.

Winter wedding offers Glasgow

Not enough communication

Many mistakes with winter weddings come back to one thing; failing to provide enough information. Your goal should be to give everyone all of the details they need ahead of schedule. This includes guests as well as vendors. Most importantly, advise them about the parts of your event that will be outside. This will allow people to plan ahead for things like ensuring they have warm clothes and sensible outdoor shoes. Include information about the likely conditions at the venue to avoid issues.

Make your own plans

Another thing to keep in mind is some people won’t arrive prepared, even if you have advised them in advance. So, it is a good idea to have your own plans for crucial things like ensuring people will be warm enough. Think about things like heaters, providing hot drinks, and supplying things like hand warmers and gloves.

Think about photos

One of the most important parts of weddings is the photos. Even if you choose winter wedding offers in Glasgow, you won’t want to scrimp on photography. You want them as a reminder of the day and everything it means. However, many couples make mistakes with winter weddings because they forget how early it gets dark. If you want photos in the daylight, you need to make sure there is enough time before the sun sets. You may need to have the ceremony earlier in the day. A First Look can be a good idea too.

It is also a wise decision to check any outdoor settings you want to use for photos. The last thing you want is for plans to go awry because of snow, ice, or mud. Check early on your wedding day to make sure you will be able to use the locations; if not make sure you have alternatives.


It might sound like a strange idea to bring a pair of boots for your wedding. However, it can be much better to have them to hand rather than make the mistake of ruining the shoes you will wear to walk down the aisle. If you will be doing any walking outside, it is a good idea to have a pair of boots or flats you can quickly put on.


Having all your guests there to celebrate your wedding is a big part of the day. However, some people make the mistake of not planning for transportation with winter weddings. This can be most problematic for rural settings where the venue isn’t close to where people are staying. A bit of bad weather in the local area could make it so some guests are late or don’t make it at all. You should think about this and provide transportation where possible. A shuttle service to collect guests and bring them to the venue can make sure everyone arrives.

Have a browse for winter wedding offers in Glasgow

Silverwood Resort is one of the most beautiful settings for a winter wedding. We are in the Scottish countryside, with a stunning backdrop. Our wedding barn is rustic and you can choose a massive array of themes to suit your day. We also have our own loch and some fantastic outdoor spaces for photos.

If you are looking to plan your event, we recommend you come and have a look at our winter wedding offers in Glasgow. It can help make the most of your budget, without cutting any corners. You can learn more on our website or contact us.