Choose a lodge for your cycling holiday

According to official statistics, the number of people who cycle in the UK has grown massively in the last decade. A number of things encouraged people to take to two wheels, including the 2014 Tour de France beginning in Yorkshire, covid, and a new focus on protecting the environment. Today millions of people cycle regularly to work, for exercise, and for leisure. Some also plan cycling holidays. If you want to do just that, consider the stunning holiday lodges in Perth at Silverwood Resort.

Holiday lodges Perth

Cycling in Scotland

The Scottish countryside is one of the best locations in the whole of the UK for cycling. You can explore countless beautiful routes. They can be suitable for all skill levels and needs too, from a few miles to routes that take days to complete. You can even find fun family friendly options so everyone can go.

Perth is one of the best spots in Scotland for cycling. It has everything you could ask for, including road routes, mountain biking trails, gravel tracks, and more. If you prefer road cycling, there are public routes as well as closed roads.

There are two particular routes in Perth that are major attractions for cyclists. Firstly is a section of Route 7. It is one of the major cycling spots in the UK, split into numerous sections between Sunderland and Inverness. In total it is over 540 miles and takes over 45 hours to complete. Cycling it takes people through two different National Parks, including Loch Lomond & the Trossachs, so you can take in forests, hills, lochs, and more.

The second route is more notable if you book holiday lodges in Perth at Silverwood Resort. Salmon Run follows National Route 77. It is 54 miles long, starting in Dundee and following the River Tay west, past Errol and Perth, finishing in Pitlochry. The route is fantastic, with beautiful countryside backdrops and some great places to stop along the way.

Why choose a holiday lodge?

If you are planning a cycling holiday, a lodge could be the perfect option. You will have all the space you need for bikes, clothing, and supplies. Your private home away from home will be complete with kitchen and bathroom too, so you have everything you could need.

With Silverwood Resort you could get an even more important benefit; we have lodges with hot tubs or spa baths. They can be absolutely perfect for after a day of cycling. Get in to relax your joints, reduce inflammation, and boost circulation to aid recovery.

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If you like the idea of a lodge for your cycling holiday, have a look at what we have to offer. You can learn more about the lodges, our site, and more on our website. You can check also availability and book online too. If you have special requirements or questions, you can contact us.